We have created this game instructions with the aim of helping to organise an engaging and informative training activity that sheds light on the various methods of internet shutdowns and ways to counteract them.

Governments resort to internet shutdowns for a wide array of purposes and they are a troubling phenomenon that not only disrupt digital connectivity, but also pose a significant threat to human rights. We think that understanding the motivations and the distinct methods employed to block internet access is vital for individuals and organisations striving to safeguard internet freedom and protect human rights in the digital age.

Designed as a creative commons game that you can adopt and adapt, this site provides detailed instructions for game facilitators and suggested game dynamics, and a map and cards to play as an in-person game and also in an online environment.

We believe this game can be played for a variety of audiences and can serve as a valuable tool to raise awareness about the different tactics employed to restrict internet access, as well as to enhance participants' understanding of internet infrastructure, shutdown procedures, and the use of various tools to circumvent them.

The game instructions can be utilised by anyone, whether you're planning to facilitate it in person or in an online setting. The target audience for this game encompasses human rights advocates, concerned citizens, legal professionals, and anyone who has encountered government control over internet access and seeks to deepen their knowledge in this area.

Over the course of a 120-minute game, we will delve into the technical intricacies of various internet shutdown models. By incorporating real-world scenarios and "circumvention" cards, players will gain insights into the technical mechanisms behind shutdowns and understand more about the different strategies they can use to navigate around them.

The game is licensed under a creative commons licence so you you can adopt and adapt it as you please. Scroll down to download the kit and explore the game.


Get the whole kit with the manual, editable files, and ready-made presentations & cards.

What the game files contain:

  • a game manual to help facilitators organize training sessions both online and in the physical world
  • 13 blockage scenarios for you to chose the most relevant for your audience and objectives
  • editable presentations and images for you to adapt the material to your audience Please note this game is not for playing on your own to learn about shutdowns.


We hope the game is enjoyable and the instructions prove valuable in expanding your knowledge about internet shutdowns and their circumvention mechanisms. Our commitment is to keep enhancing this tool for the broader community. We look forward to sharing updated versions to ensure its continued usefulness to all.

Please send us feedback, ideas for improvements and new scenarios, or let us know if you want to translate the game to other languages, at shutdowngame@apc.org.